Crystal Healing Therapy
Reawaken Your Passionate Soul

A Crystal Light Healing® Session combines the healing energies of crystals with the guidance of your Angels & Spirit Guides. This gentle Crystal Therapy compliments your personal healing journey of self-discovery. Enjoy the gentle sensations of healing energy as Andrea invites in your Angels and healing Crystal Energy, connecting Your Heart♡ and Rejuvenating Your Soul!

Relax into this peaceful escape from the outside World, releasing any thoughts, feelings or emotions with ease while you remain protected in our sacred healing space.

As both an Essence of Angels® and Crystal Light Healing® Practitioner, Andrea brings in the wisdom of your guides and healing properties of crystals to your sessions. Connecting your Heart♡ and reawakening your passionate self.

Each Crystal Light Healing® Journey is supported by a consultation session prior to your time of relaxation and self-discovery. Relax afterwards as you anchor the healing energies into your heart and soul while we relay any messages that may have been received from your Angels, Guides or passed-over Loved Ones.