Angel Tarot Card Reading
Messages from Your Angel Heart

An Angel Tarot Reading with Andrea opens the mystical realm of your soul, providing answers and insight. Andrea’s gentle nature of delivering messages from your Angels will energize and reawaken your soul, inspiring you to move forward with renewed passion.

Andrea enjoys connecting with the Angels and receiving Divine messages for all those who enquire. Your Angels are with you and guiding you every day. Messages may appear to you in many forms. A song on the radio, a story from a friend, in a dream, or even from the kindness of a stranger. When you ask your Angels questions, the Angels always give us an answer. It is up to us to 'hear' the message and use the guidance given to us.

The method of Angel Tarot brings about accurate and reliable messages into your everyday life. Contrary to belief, it will not predict the future. It will however, reveal the guidance and wisdom you need to hear along the path you are on right now or are seeking to take. Angel Tarot cards are a gentle form of the Ancient Tarot divination tool. They bring with them the gentleness of the Angelic Realm with loving messages to assist you make decisions or be assured of the decisions you have already made.

In-Person Session ~ Join Andrea for a personal Angel Tarot Card Reading in the relaxing comfort and privacy of her therapy room in Cornwall, PEI. Enjoy the comfort of the healing crystals, angels and aromatherapy as Andrea's shares the mystical realm of tarot. In-house shopping of crystals will also be available after your reading.

On-Line Session ~ Connect online with Andrea for your personal reading with Angel Tarot. From the quiet comfort of your own home using your computer, tablet or phone the Angels will connect with us anywhere to bring you the messages and guidance you need today!

Group Event ~ Are you planning a party? Ladies night? Dinner Party? Wedding party? Family get together? Friday Night with Friends? However your group is gathering, Andrea will travel to your home or personal venue to deliver individual readings to each of your guests. One cost, one venue, multiple messages! Anywhere on PEI!

Charity Event ~ Looking for a unique money-raiser for your next charity event? Personal Angel Tarot Card Readings may help raise the needed funds for your charity. As a complimentary add-on to your fund-raiser, private readings at your next expo, or need give-away prizes. Contact us with your Charity Event details for more info.

The Angels have a message for you!

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